Mediation Europe is an independent organization based in Berlin. Established in 2018, it focuses on conflict mediation and support to the wider field of stabilization. It persues objective that are entirely „gemeinnützig“ and in line with its Charter.

Mediation Europe’s methodology posits that the close interface with government and multilateral actors yields a unique value that is not often fully realized.  The hallmark of this approach combines elements normally separated leading to whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Through its permanent staff and network of Advisors, Mediation Europe is able to draw upon a depth of expertise in mediation, diplomacy, and stabilization. This resource enables high-level, outcoming oriented political engagements focused on delivering concrete solutions.

Mediation Europe is governed by an Oversight Board composed of notable figures from the private, diplomatic, and start-up sectors. It is a nonprofit organization formally registered as a „Verein“ (e.V.) in Berlin, Germany.