Mediation Europe – creating political solutions

Mediation Europe seeks to expand the repertoire of the possible in terms of European foreign policy response to conflict. This value proposal roots itself in the current geopolitical moment; an inflection point calling for action underpinning Europe’s reaffirmation of the multilateral. Mediation Europe therefore seeks to support actionable European policy responses to conflict. 

Mediation Europe’s operational engagement stems from the conviction that political solutions to conflict require an eclectic palette. Conflict resolution spheres that could be realising complementarity tend to separation into silos.  Mediation is treated as a soft-skill separated from power politics. The phases of conflict—from prevention to post-conflict—are disassociated. Lip service is paid to the holistic but bureaucratic and even ideological gulfs separate exchanges between these competencies.

Here also a limited notion of prevention and stabilization may be too narrowly interpreted particularly in light of the current global systemic shift. Prevention can translate into reaction where pre-emption is demanded, while stabilisation may stand-in for the status quo rather than necessarily ambitious reshaping.

With this as its lodestone, Mediation Europe approaches each conflict situation sui generis.  Assessing the political context, the gaps in the existing response, it crafts an agile and bespoke engagement fit to purpose. Its approach is to multiply existing governmental conflict resolution capacities: supplement information and analysis, design actionable policy options, and segue seamlessly to supporting their implementation as appropriate. Thus taken as a whole, Mediation Europe seeks to add value along the conflict resolution policy continuum, from inception to implementation.